I will exalt You, Lord.

I can tell you from this past summer, God is good. He is TOO good for us, sinners. 

This past summer, I was given the opportunity to go to B-City in East Asia. It was such a blessing. I came to grow closer with 13 brothers and sisters and I came to know and understand myself even more. I went in with the thought that this was going to be like any other missions, but it wasn’t. It was the complete opposite. Not only are you sent to a specific place to spread the word of God, but you are sent to a specific place with specific people to learn how to grow in trust with God, to learn to love like God, and to learn about yourself and where you stand in your journey with God. 

The struggles were too real. Having most teammates come from the same campus I did was such a struggle. I went with my closest friends and I thought I knew them and I could completely trust them, but boy was I wrong. The real you comes out when you’re out of your comfort zone and it was obvious that every single one of us cracked at one point. I learned to depend on Jesus more and my way of spending time away from everyone was to look to the Bible. Not only did I nearly finish the New Testament, but I got into a good habit of spending time with our Father more.

The one prayer request I had in mind all throughout missions was the opportunity to transfer to a different school. The program I was in was too intense for me and I was surrounded by a bunch of fake friends who couldn’t find their own identity. So many other negative factors lead me into a stage of self-diagnosed depression. I tried too hard to please others and I eventually got sick and tired of being the nice push-over.

God really listens to your prayers and instead of waiting for God to do something, you should really pray about it. I was given the opportunity to transfer to another school two weeks before classes started. I was too lucky, or should I say too blessed. I was given the opportunity to restart in Christ. To restart my walk. He took me out of my depression, he took me out of my misery and gave me a chance to start my walk with Him with joy. Transitioning is hard and yes my faith is vulnerable, but this is my time to grow. I am pushed way out of my comfort zone, but it’s time to rediscover my love for Him.